Welcome to Shanti Omstead

Shanti Omstead is an organic farm near Payson, AZ. We’re grateful to be self-sufficient, grow food, and share in abundance of what the land provides.

Live What You Love!

At Shanti Omstead we love to garden so we can enjoy delicious farm-to-table organic produce all year round! We also grow medicinal herbs for healing balms and infusions, as well as for culinary seasoning and herbal teas.

Our 5-acre private off-grid homestead in Arizona s a permaculture paradise with 3 wells, renewable solar energy, indoor and outdoor growing areas, orchard, vineyard, and a below-ground cold cellar. There are several structures on-site; main house, Log Cabin Guest House, a large greenhouse with controlled micro-climate for year-round growing, as well as a workshop containing a food preservation station for canning, fermenting, dehydrating and seed saving.

Proprietor, Ram Khalsa grows a variety of fruits, nuts, vegetables, berries, flowers and herbs to sustain his family, and support his high vibrational vegetarian diet and yogic lifestyle.

Shanti Omstead is available to host small events such as retreats and gatherings. The Log Cabin can sleep 10+ inside with 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, as well as ample space for on-site tent camping. To schedule a tour of our high-desert permaculture property and/or to stay overnight in the Guest Cabin, please contact Ram Khalsa at (602) 910-1047 or email: ramkhalsa@yahoo.com.


Shanti is a Sanskrit word meaning peace, tranquility, or bliss. Om is a spiritual symbol and tone for divine energy. So our humble homestead is intended to be a peaceful place to connect with the earth and live in balance with nature. Our holistic approach to life aims to nurture our body, mind and spirit with conscious community collaboration to co-create homegrown goodness with much love and care.

Shanti Omstead is a private residence and not open to the public. We have a website for promoting small events on-site, as well as to share some of our homesteading practices in hopes to inspire others to live more self-sustainably. If you’re interested in contributing or a work exchange program on our property, please contact us to chat about opportunities.